Night With Kasumi

I’m in her bedroom. "Sit on the bed." she tells me. I oblige. She takes off her dress shirt and pants. She has a white bra and panties on. "She has such small tits." I thought to myself. I like them small so it's all good.

"You're so slim, you have a model's body." I said. She smiled. She came closer and got on top of me. She gave me an awkward smile. I smiled back and gave her a kiss. She kissed me and added a little tongue. We were lip locking and saliva swapping for a bit.

She started rubbing my hard on through my jeans. I started licking on her neck. She moaned out loud. I rubbed on her little ass. She said "kimochii". I smiled. I took off her white panties and saw her hairy pussy.

She was red in the face. That really got me going. I laid her on the bed and went straight to her stomach. I kissed all over her stomach and then I made my way down to her brush. I kissed and licked on her brush. Her pussy hairs smelled wonderful. I kissed my way down to her clit. I licked her clit for a bit and sucked on it. She was shaking.

"Take off your bra and pinch your nipples!" I demanded. She did as I requested. I inserted my index finger into her pussy as I licked her clit. I had a circle motion going with my tongue on her clit as I made circle rotations with my finger in her pussy. She squirmed in pleasure.

I had her get into doggy position then I stuck two fingers in her pussy. Her face was deep into the pillow as I finger fucked her pussy. She started to squeal like a pig. I felt something coming so I withdrew my fingers.

Clear liquid came out of her pussy. "Oh shit! You squirted!" I shouted. She yelled out, "Hazukashii!" I laughed out loud. After that I had her take off my pants and boxers. I grabbed my dick and played with it and asked her, "what would you like to do next?"

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