Just a random fantasy I had

I envisioned a Spanish bitch with a bubble butt twerking on me with a pink g-string on. She is making my dick hard. I take off her g-string slowly to see her pretty juicy pussy. She continues to twerk against my hard dick. Rubbing her ass up and down against my hard on. I pull down my boxers a bit and tell her to keep going. Precum from my dick is starting to drip and rub on her ass. She can feel it and she giggles. I take off my boxers completely.

She continues twerking harder. My dick is rubbing against her juicy pussy. She lowers her pussy on my dick and it goes in. Her pussy is so wet, it sounded like macaroni and cheese. She moans a bit as she goes up and down on my dick. I'm excited. I put my thumb in her butt as she goes up and down. She stops and pulls my dick out. She starts to twerk on me again. She is such a fucking teast. I grab on her tits as she's twerking.

The friction is getting harder and I get closer to cumming. I cum on her ass. Shit, it was a big load too. She rubbed the cum all over her ass. She rubbed a bit of my cum in her pussy then she started to rub her clit and finger her pussy a bit.

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