Hotel Room

Me, my girlfriend, and her friend Beth just came back from the club. Me and my girl went to our room. Beth decided to come to our room too. We all were a bit drunk. We all staggered around in the room until we made it to the bed.

Me and my girl started to cuddle as Beth watched on from the other side of the bed. I gave my girl a kiss on the mouth. She kissed me back. I then grabbed her ass and started rubbing it.

"Stop it! Beth is here!" she giggled and said. "I don't care haha I bet she likes watching." I said. Beth looked on with a quiet smile. She blushed a bit. I knew Beth secretly had a crush on us.

I pulled down my girl's pink skirt and g-string. She gave me a look but didn't say anything. I started to eat her pussy as Beth watched. "Uhhh! That feels so good! Oh my god!" my girl moaned out.

I looked out of the corner of my eye to see my Beth. She rubbing her tits as she watched us. She had this devilish lusty look on her face. I stood up to take off my pants and pulled out my dick. I put my dick in my girl's mouth as I slid my hand over to her pussy to finger her. Damn! My girl was moaning while sucking and slobbering on my dick. "Mmmmm! Daddy! Please cum in my mouth. I wanna taste you! She begged. I gave her a perverse smile. Out of nowhere, Beth shouted," I WANT TO JOIN!" and got undress.

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