Body of a Goddess

She had a body of a goddess. I remember walking down this particular street behind Soi Cowboy that had massage brothels right beside each other. They all were hard to ignore.

Sexy women sitting outside grabbing and calling out to you. Wanting your attention. Wanting your money. I enjoyed it. I continued on my stroll down the street until I saw a brothel which stood out to me. These women had black tank tops with blue cut-out long skirts on. The women chatted as I stood in front of them. One in particular spoke to me in English. "Would you like a massage?" She was a sexy one. Long black silky hair that went down to her lower back, a nice set of tits, and the physique of a model. I nodded and she took me in.

I took off my shoes and she put them away for me. She directed me to the cashier to pay the fee for the oil massage. She grabbed a towel, then my hand, and finally we went upstairs. She took me to the last room on the 2nd floor. We were in the cut. The room was small and dingy but I didn't mind. She told me to shower and that she would be back. I took a shower and dried off. I left my towel at the end of the bed. I laid face down on the massage table, waiting for her to come. She knocked and came in.

She saw my naked body with my big black ass out. She giggled. I looked at her and smiled. She already knew what time it was. She had a bottle of oil with her. She squirted the oil on my back and started rubbing me. "My name is Mui." "I'm from Issan." she said. She asked me for my name and where I was from. I gave her some info. "I love your big black ass, I wish mine was as big as yours." she said as she was rubbing my lower back. I was flattered. I looked at her as she was rubbing my back.

She had a strong sexual aura about her. Dark orange sexy skin. With red juicy lips. She started to rub my ass and I shot my ass up in pure bliss. She laughed. She started to play with my asshole. I groaned out loud. She stood up and got undressed.

Damn she had a perfect set of perky tits with gumdrop nipples. I complimented her on her perfect rack. She told me she had her tits done. "Fuck, they did a good job!" I said. She smiled and then rubbed oil on her tits. The way she rubbed the oil on her tits... Man... So slow and seductive. Her nipples were hard. She then got on top of me while I had my face facing down on the massage table. She slowly rubbed her hard nipples against my upper back and made it all the way down to my ass. My dick was throbbing in excitement.

She made her way back up and licked on my ear. She whispered, "Do you want to fuck me?" I told her yes. She got off and told me to turn over. I did and she saw my hard dick. She licked her lips and smiled. She rubbed oil on my chest and rubbed the oil down to my stomach. She was rubbing slowly on my abs. "You have a nice body." she said. I thanked her. She made her way down to my dick and started to jerk it a bit. I was shaking. Then she stopped and told me if I wanted to continue, I would have to pay.

So I reached over to my wallet and gave her the amount she requested. She looked at the money and put it away. "Aren't you going to count it?" I said. "No, I trust you." she said. A true professional. She started to slowly lick my dick and then suck it. I groaned out in pleasure. She then got on top of me and put my dick in her pussy. I grabbed her ass as she moved up and down on me.

I told her to come closer as she started thrusting on my dick. I licked and kissed on her neck as she moaned. I got closer to climax and told her I was about to cum. She said I could cum on her so I told her to get off.

She sat on the massage table. Grab her tits together and waited for my cream. I jerked off a bit until my cum came out like a firehose. I got cum on her mouth and tits. The cum dripped off her tits and nipples going all the way down to the inside of her belly button ring. "That's alot of cum!" she laughed and said. I smiled and nodded. "Let me take a shower first then you can." she said. I nodded.

"Fuck... I need to come visit her again." I thought to myself.

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