Another day another dollar. Another day I managed to drag myself out of bed and get dressed for work instead of blowing out my brains. I guess that’s a win. Just one more day until the weekend. Then I can have a whole two days where I don’t have to put up with anyone’s crap. It’ll be great, that’s the lie I keep telling myself so I can get out the car and go to work. I scan my badge and greet the security guard.

I know his job is security but he really can be a jerk. Every time, I have to empty my pockets, I walk through the metal detector. Right on a cue the machine gives off an aggressive blast. The guard rushes over with his wand and pats me down intensely. If he got any rougher he would take my knees out from under me. He isn’t even the last line of defense for this building. He’s seen me five days a week, every week for the last six years. Does he think I have a bomb in my crotch or something? It’s my belt buckle, I just don’t want to take off my belt to go into work, nobody does.

“That security guard is a little handsy right,” I try to make small talk with the man waiting for the elevator.

He doesn’t respond to me at all. Okay, maybe he just needs his coffee this morning. Never mind, he’s taking the stairs. I love when people do that. I wasn’t trying to be your best friend. Just wanted to make small talk while we wait. I can smell it in the air. This will be one of those days. The elevator arrives, I step inside and ask the blonde woman if she can hit the but for the 31st floor. She seems nervous for some reason.

Oh, I get it, her little step back towards the corner told me everything I needed to know. She’s got a death grip on her little purse. As if she has anything in that purse that I would want to steal. Maybe she doesn’t realize we’re in Dane enterprises, the brain child of Mark Dane. Nobody in here would bother robbing her. If I wasn’t so annoyed with the world right now, I might argue with her about why she’s wrong. Instead I pat my back pocket every third floor. Just to make sure hasn’t stolen anything from me. I can see her face in the sparkling clean doors. She’s disgusted. If only she knew I felt the same way about her. I exit at my floor and make my way to my office.


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