Let’s look in there,” Abigail pulls me into a little trinket shop.

“Okay, but this is the last one, my feet are killing me,” I joke.

“Hush, we haven’t been out that long.”

This shop gives me the creeps from the first foot inside. Everything looks like it came right out of a horror movie. Something about a haunted mansion in the 1800s. These tricycles have to be made just for some creepy ghost kid to ride by on. None of this stuff looks like it should be sold. Everything is covered in rust and dust. I can’t imagine anyone ever put any care into keeping this shop. Just a store full of haunted things as far as I’m concerned.

“Abigail, where did you go,” I call out to her.

The further back into this shop the creepier things get. Tattered wedding dresses, and rusted farm tools. What kind of shop is this? None of the thing being sold go together. Who wants to buy a set of extremely worn kitchen knives and some Victorian era children’s dresses? I haven’t seen a shop keeper either. I keep expecting the ground to open up and drag me to hell at a moment’s notice. If Abigail doesn’t get out here soon, I might leave her here for my own sanity.

“Look at this doll Matt,” she holds up this creepy old doll.

“That thing is ugly. I have never seen a doll so ugly. Let’s get out of here.”

“I think it’s cute,” she smiles.

“You think the doll with a sewed closed mouth, beady eyes, no hair, leather skin and cult dress is cute? I think that thing comes alive and kills you in your sleep.”

“You are so silly; I’m going to find a cashier.”

“I’m for real, that doll is going to kill us all.”

There’s no shop keeper here, I know that. She doesn’t realize it because she’s drawn to the haunted doll. She leaves a twenty on the counter and we head out against my wishes. There was no shop keeper because we shouldn’t have bought anything in that shop. No, I’m thinking too much. I’ve watched too many scary movies and now it’s just getting into my head.

“You’re still staying the night with me right,” Abigail asks getting into her Lyft.

“Will the doll be there?”

“You know it.”

“Then I might have to pass. That thing creeps me out.”

“Don’t be so mean. We can have your favorite pizza, and my favorite wine.

“You drive a hard bargain."

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