Gods Get Lonely Too

I accepted Zeus' offer, trading you for the chance to become a god, but realized my mistake when I discovered gods get lonely too. I spend my days watching you, missing you. Waiting for the time when we can reunite. He gave me everything, just to have you. Now he doesn't think of you. But I do, and all the godly gifts mean nothing. Sure, there are other women, they are more beautiful than you, I will not lie. Even some men, who are willing to embrace my desires. Nymphs who can do things I had not imagined. Still, nothing compares to you. They only wish to lie wit a god but you, you saw me as more.

Today will be the last day we are separate. I have come to give Zeus his power back, for it does not have the value of your love. I shall be cast down from Mt. Olympus, but it is worth knowing your sweet embrace once more. Soon my loved, soon we will be together at last.

"Zeus, I have come to barter," I scream to the throne of Olympus

"What have you to trade," Zeus' voice echoes through the great hall. Almost coming from the empty throne.

"I have the powers of a god. I will give it all up."

Thunder cracks the air and smoke fills the room as a bolt of lighting crashed down onto the throne. There sits Zeus in his white robes, as majestic as ever. He always had to make an entrance. Even if it was only for one person, he was vain. That was his weakness. I could beat him at this if I played to it.

"Did I not give you that same power," Zeus asks quizzically.

"Yes, but it is not worth it."

"What is worth more than the power of a god? Immortality, intelligence, immunity, it is all there. What more could you want," Zeus asks voice flaring.

"Love, I gave you my wife in exchange. I want her back."

"That is all? You want the love of some mortal woman? You may spread your seeds across the Earth as you see fit. You can have the love of nearly any woman and you are hung up on this one? Have you been to Rome? Athens? There are plenty just like her. Smarter, easier on the eyes," he laughs callously at my request.

"I will do anything to have her back," I plead.

"There is nothing you can do, she has been claimed," Zeus smiled.

I can no longer withhold my anger. I rush at Zeus. I don't know what I will do when I get there, but I want to hurt him. I swing my fist, the way I had seen other men do countless times before. He doesn't budge. My fist lands directly on his mouth. Still he does not budge, my godly strength no match for Zeus.

"How dare you," Zeus stands and yells. The sun now blocked by dark clouds. Rain begins to fall here on Mt. Olympus, the first time I had ever seen such a thing. Thunder rumbles through the air, I can feel my hair standing on edge as lightning sparks through out the room. "For you insubordination, and treason against me the king of Mt. Olympus, ruler of the gods I banish you from Mt. Olympus and strip you of all godly power."

With a clap of Zeus' hands, I felt nothing. Thunder louder than I had ever heard before. The world turns white around me. There's nothing. Is this death? A fate worse than death? If this were death, surely Hades would be sending one of his to claim my soul.

Suddenly color rushed back to my eyes, one at a time. First the blues, then the reds and yellows. Slowly I regained my composure. When I could see everything, there she was. My wife, my darling wife.

"I have returned home," I called out. Half expecting this to be some curse Zeus placed on me.

"Is it you? I heard you had died at sea," she asked, unsure yet inching forward.

"I suffered a fate worse than death, but it is I. I am home."