"WHAT DO YOU MEAN MY CREDIT SCORE IS 497," Stacy screamed upon hearing a rejection of her application for a new Tesla.

She was loud enough that the closed office door meant nothing. Each of the tellers heard. The people waiting in the lobby heard her. All except Mr. Everett who has hard of hearing. Several people outside heard her scream. The idea that she could have poor credit never crossed her mind.

"I make good money, and I pay everything," Stacy was correct.

Stacy made more money than most people, by a lot. Her money, was not the problem. She did in fact pay everyone. The problem is she never paid anyone on time, and each of her seven credit cards were well over the respective limits. Stacy had made the mistake of thinking her credit score was tied to her income levels. She was wrong. She would not be getting a new Tesla that day.

But she would get a new Tesla. Unfortunately, it would be with an interest of 30%. She wouldn't care. She made lots of money after all. She would pay more for her car than most people paid for their homes. If only she knew how easy it could have been. If only she paid her credit card bills on time and didn't go over the limits.

In the present, she feels crushed, lied to, led astray, bamboozled, discriminated against, taken advantage of. All because she received a simple "no." She said this had happened time and time again, because as we all know, white women are the victims of the world. Nobody, has it as bad as an American white woman.