Nightmare War #2

I enlisted in the marines. I’ve never been a fan of war. The idea of hurting another person was something that never crossed my mind. I’m a goofball, a class clown and a C- student. I had every intention of being a factory worker like my father. That broadcast scared all of us. Even those who had demonized wars in the past were ready to fight.

If we were going to die, we were going to do it on our own terms. We were not going to simply roll over and bow down to our new alien overlords. We had to fight to change our destiny. There’s a certain beauty in that. As humans we’re at each other's throats killing for religion, politics, power and most of all money. Yet, here we are, the entire world united in fear of a bigger threat. It’s strangely satisfying.

I received a crash course. Aim and pull the trigger. Don’t aim at anything you don’t want to kill. Take cover when the enemy fires. Don’t be a hero, but watch your team’s back. That was it, next thing I know I’m dressed in fatigues and told be ready at any moment.

Then the call came. The aliens teleported just outside of Dallas, Texas. Such a strange place to land. We were the first squad to arrive. The aliens stood in old form ranks. They were lined up like toy soldiers dressed in attire that looked like British Redcoats in the 1700s. It was a strange sight to see. Giants standing in ranks ready to march for an old fashioned show down. Our commander lined us up in similar fashion with a confused look on his face. Not really sure what is about to happen, just stalling.

Then they rushed. Hundreds of them just rushed forward. They weren’t carrying any regular guns, they had muskets and swords. They came to fight a war with musket and swords. Had they thought the Redcoats were the best army in human history? Did they just not know what war was? I don’t know who fired the first shot, but it hit one of the giants in the heart. What looked like purple blood splashed out of his body then there was a thump as he dropped dead. The giants seemed unfazed and kept rushing.

That one shot was all we needed. We saw that they could bleed just like we do. It’s not the same color, but they bleed and they die. They may be more advanced technologically, but in the art of war we haven’t been surpassed on any level. We had a few hundred yards between us and that left plenty of time to fire shots. Bullets passed through them the same as it would any of us. A barrage of bullet from automatic guns, helicopters raining down destruction from the sky and tanks blowing them to shreds. It was a horrific scene.

The battle was over with only one injury on our side. One guy dropped his side arm and shot himself in the foot. We all had a good laugh about it. We didn’t just survive a war we dominated it. We started getting news from around the world where everyone was having the same results. Soon the aliens attempted to withdraw from our planet without word. One group of soldiers from Nigeria managed to reach an alien ship and plant a bomb before evacuating. A group in Japan managed to capture several of the aliens. Russia captured three ships, that we know of. We survived a superior race attempting to conquer us without a single casualty. World peace had been achieved in under a week. It’s a great time, and all it took was an alien species invading.