Nightmare War #1

We always feared first contact with aliens. Sure, there were options for peace and advancement of our technology. But, what we feared most was that they would be just like us. We feared that they would have their own Manifest Destiny. What if they wanted to conquer Earth because they believed it was their right? That was our biggest fear. Yet we pushed it to the darkest corners of our mind. We always expected tiny green people to march out onto the White House lawn and say “We come in peace.” That is not what happened.

Sure they landed on the white house lawn but they weren’t tiny green guys. Their facial features and bodies were almost exactly like ours. The key differences is none of them stood below ten feet in height and their skin was a pale grey with a tint of purple. They viewed us ants to be crushed. I remember the day they landed at The Pentagon. It was broadcast on TV everywhere.

I was just your average kid ready to graduate high school. I was attempting to hit on girls way out of my league when Principal Hampton called an emergency meeting in the auditorium. We walked in single file from our classes. I remember making jokes about this being way too old for this. When we walked in the principle said nothing. The room was eerily silent. I heard nothing but murmurs from everyone else. I was focused on the television screen. This giant of a man was standing alone and asking to speak with whoever was in charge.  A man stepped forward in formal marine uniform. He greeted the visitor calmly and thanked him for appearing. He was polite by anyone’s standards.

Then the giant spoke, “Our planet is dying, yours is a suitable replacement. You have 3 of your days to evacuate or face us in battle to determine who shall call Earth home.” I assume every human watching this shared the same face. A face of fear and confusion.

“Would you like to n-n-negotiate,” the man had obviously lost his composure. He expected a kind hello but received a deceleration of war. His face had turned pale and he was sweating profusely now. The calm composure he once held had been swept away with the wind.

His question was met with a simple response. The giant alien reached down and placed his hands around the man’s head. Then he squeezed while the man yelled out in pain. Everyone was caught off guard. This was a mission of peace so they brought no weapons. They could only rush forward and attempt to save the man. Before anyone could reach the giant there was a muffled cracking sound and then the screaming stopped followed by the sound of a body hitting the grass.

“Three days,” those were the last words the giant spoke. He vanished in a blue light. It showed us that this was nothing to take lightly. They were able to kill us easily with force and still possessed advanced teleportation. In three days they could appear anywhere ready for combat. Enlistment in armed forces around the world surged with everyone preparing for war. In addition there were those forming their own militias with their own weapons.