Look Away

Sometimes you just have to look the other way. I learned that my rookie year on the force. I'm putting it in effect right now. I was just getting some coffee and watched a man blow the convenience store clerk away with a shotgun blast to the chest. I called 911, it was all I could do. I'm not a trained medic. I'm not even a cop anymore.

I got a clear look at the man's face, but I get out of the store before the cops can arrive. I'm not about to be involved. I've still got warrants and I don't want any parts of this. It's fucked up, but I'm looking the other way. The ambulance speeds past me going the opposite direction as I get away from the scene as fast as possible.

Fuck, I bust a U-Turn and head back to the scene. I can't make sure this guy goes without punishment. He committed murder. He was on foot; I can catch him before the cops get a description if I'm fast. If I was him, I'd try to hide out in a dark place that's not crowded. The better option would be hide in a bar and act wasted. People would think they remember you.

I spot him, still running. I hit another U-Turn and pull alongside him. I open the driver side door and level him with the car, then pop the trunk. Before he can get up, I've already landed a big kick to his gut, pushing all the air out of his body. I quickly toss him in the trunk and drive off. I'll keep him there until news hits with a description of him. Then I'll drop him at the nearest police station. I should have just looked away.