The sky begins to clear. Worn rocks carved with faces of strangers. A new planet awaits us. This one was named Uwoumir by the Galactic Council. There are six moons, a big change from Earth for sure. Still, they believe the atmosphere is similar to that of Earth and it may be a suitable new home for humanity.

I'm not sure what happened to the last creatures that inhabited the planet. The large stones show face for sure. Different from our own. They lack noses and their ears seem to be on the front of their faces. I'm not sure if those are ears. Mouths and eyes are recognizable for sure. The rest, not so much. Still there is no other sign of intelligent life on the planet.

Wildlife seems to be plentiful based on our scans. Temperature hold steady between 75 and 85 degrees through day and night. Most of the time the planet is in night. It only catches the occasional glimpses of the system's sun peeking through the moons. There's no rain or snow from what we can tell and water makes up approximately 60% of the surface. It's different from Earth, or at least what it used to be but not entirely.

I'm not sure if this will be the final destination for humanity, but it could be a good start. However, I've been told it is best to solve mysteries before planting roots. I heard stories of the mars colonization starting our first space war. I'm not sure if that was a story they told us to keep us under control as cadets or it really happened. We realized Mars wasn't a suitable home long ago. Uwoumir may be suitable.

Still the faces watching over our landing party leave me somewhat uneasy. There was a civilization here at some point. Someone had to build these statues. Where did they go? Why? Perhaps they're still here, buried by time long ago. I have so many questions to ask, but nobody can answer them.