The Sea

Night falls. Rippling waves shine like gold. The smell of salt fills my nostrils. The sea calls to me. I spent sixteen years on those seas. Working for an honest living. I never thought I would know anything else. I was wrong. Her love is so much more.

When she touches me it's as if her warmth soothes my entire body. Any aches and pains I have are gone in a matter of moments. The worries that plague my mind are no longer of any concern to me. I find myself lost in her eyes, her hair. The softness of her skin has replaced the roughness the sea has given me all this time.

I could never see myself living on land the entire year. Working a regular job like everyone else. Now I look forward to opening a fish market. If being close to her means I need to leave the life I've created for myself all these years ago, then so be it. I'd rather spend my nights with her than on a ship filled with other men.

Bidding farewell to a life at sea, that's something I never saw for myself. Yet, here I am. Saying farewell to the only thing I have loved. If you love something, you must let it go. That's a stupid saying. Because you can never recapture that love. I prefer the saying that each love in your life is like a season. Now in the Fall of my life, I've fallen in love with a woman. I hope to stay with her through my winters as well. If not, I will be too old to take another lover. The sea was good to me all these years. I hope it'll allow me to love another.