Red Hot

The continual sight of the fiend’s shape before me, covered half in smoke and half in fire. I had heard stories about the Dark Elves. Their magic was different than ours. It was said to be less elegant and more straight forward. We hadn't been to war with them in ages, I had no idea what to expect.

He cast spells without speaking a word. In a moment's notice flames had surrounded his body and he began attacking. I had no time to speak the words of my defense spell. He simply put a blazing hand on my chest. Luckily, I fell backwards and he wasn't able to burn his hand through me like he wanted. Now he stood there towering over me. The flames still burning on his arm. He doesn't look afraid or in pain.

"Send a message. The Dark Elves are not slaves. If you come here again, I will slay you and send your head back. We are not below the other races of Elves. We have not lost our way and chosen to build massive castles. Nor have we chosen to hide in the woods and ignore the world pushing forward. We are still true to ourselves. Now run child, and run fast," he spoke to me.

Only his red eyes were visible through the smoke. Eventually they faded and only the smoke remained. I did the smart thing. I ran as hard as I could, even with the burning palm print on my chest. I had to get back to my city. They needed to hear about this. The Dark Elves are far more powerful than we thought. If that was a single elf, imagine what an entire battalion could do.