No More Crowns

I used to weave crowns of gold. A king or queen is nothing without a crown to show their power and wealth. Two kings, six queens, four princes and nine princesses. I created crowns for them all. Each one more magnificent than the last. I never rushed one, I never made one that wasn't loved. That has been my job. I have no talents for making weapons, but jewelry is easy. It comes to me and calls out to me. Crowns are my favorite; everyone wants one even if they don't admit it. But everyone cannot have one.

My time as a crown maker has come to an end. The city has been burned and they have decided there shall be no more kings, queens, princes, princesses, lords or ladies. Royalty, has guided us safely through hundreds of years. Yet they have decided that will no longer be the case. Perhaps I shall make more rings. They never seem to go out of style.