Nine Days

Black clouds burst above. We do our best to keep everyone on board with the plan but concerns are starting to drift in every day. What we're doing here will save the world. We all agreed on it. The black cloud may look terrible but it is our savior. They all knew this wouldn't be easy and there could be casualties. So far nobody has lost their life so this is senseless complaining.

We only need nine more days of production and we'll be all set. The nanobots we're producing are able to produce a new ozone layer. We could probably do the same down here, but it would require a ridiculous amount of energy and would kill us if handled incorrectly. The bots can directly channel the suns energy to complete the process.

Just nine days. If they can stop their complaining for nine days we'll be done. If they stop, I'll release the cloud of bots into the atmosphere and hope that those we've finished will be enough. Everyone wants to save the world and prevent global warming in theory. But nobody wants to make the sacrifices necessary. I'm willing to make those sacrifices. Everyone here was willing to at one point. Now they're worried. We've been working production for forty-one days already. Now they're afraid because the sky gets a little dark. They knew this coming in.

If they fear death, they should pray to whichever deity they believe in and get back to work. It makes no sense that they would sacrifice the world to save themselves. I'm not asking them to give me their blood. I'm only asking them to lend me their scientific knowledge of the world. These cowards will not stop my work.