Mood Light

A red hue that shined from the bulb projected around the room. His giggle echoed off of the wet walls as he spun and danced in delight. The splattered blood had created his very own mood light. One, two, three. He could hardly count the bodies. Math had never been his strong point. Murder however, he excelled at it. From killing the chickens that fed the family to hunting deer for sport. He had always been good at murder.

The thing that intrigued him most had always been the blood. If he hit the vein just right, it would splatter everywhere. He had never found that vein on a human. Tonight, he found it. He found it over and over again and he couldn't be happier about it. He had waited until the party was going then chained the doors from the outside. There was one way out and one way in. Either way, you had to go through him.

The first one didn't spray like he wanted, but the second did. Not the third or the fourth, but the fifth was spectacular. He had it down after that. He thought his father would be proud of him. The way he took out those people. One by one he cut them down and danced in the rain of their blood. The lighting, the heavy metallic scent in the air, it was all perfect.

This was his moment. He felt the happiness that people always talked about. This was the perfect mood for him. Nothing could ruin this for him. Nothing except the police sirens slowly getting louder. But for now, he'll enjoy the mood.