It's been four months since a piece of Venus broke off and floated through our solar system. Last month it landed on Earth. We've been investigating the materials, seeing what Venus was composed of. Nothing out of the ordinary. Everything we had believed about the composition of the planet was the same. It was indeed Earth's twin, with the same materials making as our own home.

That's when things got strange. The first scientist that noticed it thought it was only coincidental. But it wasn't. Soon more and more of the fragments resembled the first. Fossils, some of the pieces that landed on Earth contained fossils. Evidence that there had been life on Venus at some point. Possibly still there. We hadn't assumed anything could survive the intense heat. But here the proof was.

Almost instantly funding was raised to send teams to Venus. We had been experimenting terraforming Mars with mixed results. Perhaps it was time to expand to Venus. It couldn't hurt. Now that we know life was sustainable there at some point. This is revolutionary. All because of a chance meteor showering hitting the planet. The course of our entire solar system has been altered.