As a sullen fog rolled in off the empty harbour, I thought about my childhood, before the cannibals menaced St. Peters estate. We used to spend hours on the front lawn playing soccer. When we grew older we instead chose to take our vices to the gardens in the back. It was such a beautiful home. At no point did I expect that my life would turn into what it is now.

I would have spent more time in my teen years building up muscle and endurance if I knew I would be outrunning cannibals by the time I grew to be 25. How did the cannibals come to be? I can hardly remember. There have been so many rumors. Lab experiments gone wrong, nuclear waste. Somehow they managed to rapidly grow in numbers. I thought they would be similar to the zombies in the old moving pictures we watched. Instead they are rather similar to us.

Well hopefully all of this nonsense comes to an end soon. Supposedly this fog de-tangle whatever wires may have become crossed in their minds. Either that or it is yet another harebrained scheme pieced together by the fellows who have secluded themselves in the lab. For now I wait, and load my gun. In the event that this does not work, they will not be dining on my flesh tonight.