10 Minutes

"Give me a minute," she glared.

It was answered with a scrunched up nose and a whispered, "you said that ten minutes ago."

"But you only asked me two minutes ago," Kara responded with a smile.

"It was not two minutes ago. You always take forever mom," Angel stomped out of the room, or attempted too. Her seven-year-old legs could only stomp so hard.

Today was the day that Angel would finally get to meet Big Bird. She knew it probably wasn't the real Big Bird. Big Bird doesn't ice skate. Everyone knew that. But her mom was being so slow. She was putting on makeup. Nobody was there for her mom, they were all there for Big Bird, and Elmo. The makeup could wait. Angel swore she would never put that paint on her face.

"Mom, we're going to be late," Angel said waving the keys in the doorway.

It had only been five minutes total at this point. Kara was ready. She grabbed her purse and checked for all of her belongings. She would take this child to see Big Bird and then in fifteen years she wouldn't even remember how she raised Hell for weeks about it. If Angel never learned to read, she would have never known there would be a show in Kansas. If Angel didn't know what state they lived in, she would never know they were also in Kansas.

That was today's lesson for Kara, she would make sure her next child did not know where they lived. Reading is great, but you don't need to know where home is. Forget that. Maybe she should just start with teaching the next child time. Kara had no idea what she was thinking. She laughed at the idea. She doesn't even need to have another child anyway.