Ussod The Gorgeous

"Oh, genie, I have another wish," the boy said ringing a bell. The bell didn't do anything. He simply needed to call for the genie. But he felt this was the way true royalty would summon their loyal servants.

Purple smoke filled the room as the sky darkened outside. A flash of lightning and a clap of Thunder. The genie appeared draped in flowing purple robes adorned with golden and gem encrusted jewelry. This was no average genie. This was Ussod the Gorgeous. A genie who had lived through several centuries as beautiful as the day he went into the lamp. Ussod's beauty was only matched by his honor.

"What is your wish," Ussod spoke, the bass of his voice shaking the room as he spoke.

"I'd like a rubber goose, like a rubber duck, but a goose," the boy spoke.

"Your wish is my command," Ussod said clapping his hands.

The world seemed to shake and a rubber goose appeared. A waste of a genie's powers. Ussod could do so much more. Instead, he was stuck granting the wishes of an ungrateful and disrespectful child. All because Ussod's honor would not allow him to deny a wish. The boy had wishes for infinite wishes. That was three years ago. In that time Ussod had reunited his parents, made them billionaires and given the boy everything he could ever desire. Still, he refused to release Ussod from his duties.

"Is there anything else," Ussod asks, eager to return to his lamp, away from the child.

"Would you do a dance for me Ussod," the boy asked.

"No. That is not a wish."

"I wish you would do a dance," the boy said with a sly smile. He knew Ussod would never deny a wish.

"Unfortunately, I can not do that, as I would have to stray too far from the lamp to dance," Ussod had not lied. He could not stray far from the lamp, and it's current position would not allow him to dance as gracefully as he had in life.

"Then leave the lamp," the boy demanded growing frustrated with Ussod's newfound rebellious streak.

"You must wish that I were free from the bondage of the lamp," Ussod explained to the boy.

"Then I wish you were free from the bondage of the lamp," the boy said now crossing his arms and rolling his eyes.

Usodd smiled and clapped as the thunder and lightning clashed throughout the sky once more. This time the Earth truly did shake. Genies were once powerful magicians. Sealed away to do the bidding of those in royalty. Usodd was no different. The lamp shatters into pieces and Usodd is free. His first action is to summon a choir of ghostly instruments that begin to play. Ussod begins to dance, granting the boy his wish.

A finger wave and the lamp is assembled once again. Another and the boy begins to float in the air along to the music. The child claps and laughs at the absurdity of it all. Another finger wave, and the boy is condensed into a ball of light. One last finger wave and the boy is trapped in the lamp, the music stops and Usodd smiles. Beautiful and honorable, but nobody said Ussod was forgiving.

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