The Crystal Fields

The sound of whistling echoes from the jewels in the crystal fields. These weren't any crystals, these were enchantment crystals. They're created to trap magic and imbue weapons, armor and everything else with them. The prince loved these fields. Nobody ever came here except for harvest season. That would be soon and he wanted to get once last visit in.

"Stop that whistling," his father yells out from across the field.

The prince was unsure how his father learned that he was here. He was supposed to be away at council. After last year's attack by the Orcs talks of war had started once again. The prince had no interest in war. He wanted nothing more than to live a life free of royal duty. Free of military strife. If anything he'd like to be in a lower class. He could do work, he enjoyed carpentry. Yet, he was too important for his practice to continue. His uncle used to teach him how to build things, but his uncle had been sent to the kingdom of the humans in hopes of forming an alliance. Everyone in the family was subject to royal duty.

"I have told you to stay in the castle. You do not know who is watching you," the king yelled snatching at the prince.

The prince didn't resist, he knew the reality of the situation. He knew it would only make his father angry. Instead he left the crystal fields for the time being. Hopefully, next year there would be a crop, and not a war. If only his father had taken the time to get lost in his thoughts while running through the fields, he wouldn't be so angry all the time.