Sugar Baby

"So you're a prostitute," the young man asked to his girlfriend.

"Sugar baby, not prostitute," she responded folding her arms, not taking kindly to his name calling.

For a moment they sat silently each digesting what hat just happened. He saw her getting out of a car with an older gentlemen. Old enough to be the father to either of them. Old enough to be older than either of their fathers. Not wanting to lie, she revealed the truth to him. He was unsure how to feel about the situation.

He loved her, he knew she had been cheating. Still, he lived with it, because he loved her. She was the first who returned that love and shared in moments of intimacy and exploration. He put up with it in the past. There had been another young man before. But, this. This was different. How was he supposed to compete? The young man didn't even have a car yet, but this man drove luxury vehicles and presumably owned things, lots of things.

She wanted to talk more, but the boy didn't wish to. He no longer felt like a young man. He felt as if he were a kid again. Every crush that went unrequited all rushed back. He left her place that day. He didn't bother to take his favorite hoodie or anything like that. He simply left with what he came with that day. He didn't even leave a single tear.

In the elevator he kept a stone face as he deleted any messages between them and removed her from his contacts. He never wanted to speak to her or see her again. He would, they had chosen to take several classes together. But, he didn't want to. He wouldn't care if she fell off the face of the Earth that day.

He didn't care how she felt about the situation. This had been the second time that she had done this to him. Somehow it hurt more than the first. Maybe it's because she knew how it hurt him the first time around. He would never know how she felt about it, because he would never ask. He wanted to erase the entire relationship from his memory. But he couldn't. Maybe one day when he was old he could.

For now, he had made it back to his apartment. He ignores his roommate's offer for Smash Bros. Instead he just goes to his room. He lies on his bed and finally lets the tears fall silently. He was hurt, but he would never let anyone else know.

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