"I'm cold, do you read me?" She radios into mission control.

The only response is veiled static as she floats further and further from the ship. This was the end. Her security cord had been broken away by some debris. She knew she didn't have long. A limited supply of oxygen. Her suit would only keep her warm for so long, and that time had passed. She couldn't hear the ship, and she wasn't sure they could here her. But she stopped being warm a long time ago.

They say in space, nobody can hear you scream. She wondered if they would hear here her cry. Death had always been a possibility. People died in space, people died trying to get to space and trying to get back. She just didn't think it would be her. Nobody ever think they'll be the one to die in space. Maybe it was the arrogance that sealed her fate. Maybe it was just her time. How would they do her funeral? All kinds of morbid thoughts entered her mind.

Would she run out of oxygen first? Would she freeze to death? Which would be less painless. Being an astronaut was never easy, but it was relatively pain free and that was an upside for her. It had been a good career. A good life. She got to do a lot of things that many people didn't. But it was coming to an end now.

"Hang tight, we're going to try to grab you," she heard over the radio. A blessing. She had accepted her death, but she would like to avoid it.