Return of The Magic

The department of offensive and oppressive magic, it all started with them. Law after law they pushed for change. The evolution of magic they claimed. By the time people realized it, they had given up the real magic. The crap they do day to day is nothing like real magic. Tonight, I'll teach them what magic is all about.

Runes were thought to be dangerous and to easy to cause massive destruction. With the banning of them, it had become a lost art, or so they thought. Tonight I finished my drawings. I've been canvasing the sewers for nearly a year. Drawing runes and bringing power to the area. Tonight, the department burns down. It'll remind people what magic can do, and inspire the younger generation to embrace real magic.

I climb out of the sewer and take a seat on the bench across the street from the department. The sun should rise around 6am. That's the trigger for the rune. Nobody should be inside, as they don't open until 7am. Still they'll get the message. Thirty minutes until show time. The anticipation is killing me. When the sun finally rises, nothing happens.

Did I do something wrong? No, I copied them perfectly, I drew a grid, I mapped it. I couldn't have made a mistake. No, what's that smell? Fire, it smells like fire. Slowly the building starts to go up in purple flames. I guess it started slow. No matter now, soon the entire building will be burnt to ashes. No amount of water will stop that flame. It'll burn until the target is destroyed.

I guess I should get out of here before more people start to show. Glad to have the magic back. This is just a start.

To be Continued in Super Shorts
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