The weight is crushing down on my chest. I have to climb my way to the top of whatever is crushing me. It feels as if I'm swimming through flesh and machine. A shock here and there. What is this mess? Still I fight to free myself and make it to the top.

Fresh air rushes into my lungs as I make it to the top of the pile. The scent of burning flesh and oil burning enter my nostrils not long after that. I take in my surroundings. Man and machine lay across the battlefield. A few men begin to stand, it is clear we've won this battle. But what were we fighting for?

I can't even remember. I remember every part of the battle. It ended when we set off an EMP and it dropped most of the machines. A few activated self destruct and made sure to take a few humans with them. But why were we fighting in the first place? A large metallic ship becomes visible over the battlefield. I reach down and pry a laser rifle from the hands of a dead man.

"Congratulations, humanity, you have won the extinction tournament, and ensured the survival of the human race for another Megaannum. If you don't wipe yourselves out first," a voice echoes from the ship.

I remember now. We're fighting for the survival of our species. The aliens, the bad aliens. They force different species to fight to the death. We get a few months to prep, then we're sent to some remote location to fight it out. It was all some kind of sick television show for them.

Sucks for them. Humans are a hateful lot. We won't hesitate to put a bullet in another bloke but when we're united we're scary. Now we've got a common enemy. We won't stop until we find them. They better hope we do wipe ourselves out, otherwise we'll wipe them out. We've done worse to each other. This is nothing. We've got a whole megaannum to find and kill them, whatever that means.