"Well I don't not want trouble," Hamish said with a laugh

The old man had a way of getting under the skin of everyone. The booze made him abrasive, but he had a heart of gold. He'd work for anyone and charge you a fair price, but when the booze was in him it was another story. He was a different man. Nobody around these parts paid him any attention. We all knew how things were.

But today some men from out of town rode in looking for supplies. Hamish had been funning with them all day. It was quickly wearing their nerves. They let it go for a while but now their leader was here. He wasn't taking any of Hamish's lip. That's when he asked if Hamish wanted trouble. Being the smart mouthed man he is Hamish asked for it.

Still nobody expected the ornery bastard to punch Hamish right in the face. I gotta give it to the old man. He hopped right up and spit out a tooth before swinging back. He didn't do much damage and hit the ground right after, but he took the swing. The strangers laughed and had a grand time but the rest of us weren't so pleased.

Most stood around not saying anything, but a working girl rushed to Hamish's side. More heart than the most of us I guess. The sheriff finally made himself known. A little too late for my taste, but I guess that's why I'm not the sheriff. The men don't respect him, but he gets them out of the saloon without any more fuss. Hamish can drink here for free any day, or maybe for a week. He'd put me out of business any more than that.

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