Desolation (Excerpt)

This is not what I expected to happen. There were no car alarms blaring. There was no screaming of civilians. There were no crumbling buildings. There was nothing. A crater the size of I don’t know how many city blocks surrounded us. We were protected from the blast by my force field. I always thought it was ironic for a supervillain to have the power of force fields. I guess it came in handy again today. Within my forcefield is all that remains of the civilization that once stood around us. The apartment buildings are gone, the cars are gone. Disintegrated into nothingness.

I didn’t expect my bomb to have this much power. It shouldn’t have had this much power. It wasn’t built for so much destruction, I had to have made some kind of error in my calculations. Maybe it was tampered with. I’m not sure. There’s no evidence that a bomb was ever here. There’s only the crater and the melted piece of asphalt that we stand on right now.

I don’t dare drop the shield yet as the bomb contained a poison gas as well. The dark purple air swirls around making sure there are no survivors. Clearly the bomb worked better than I expected. It will dissipate within twenty minutes but for now everyone who breathes it will become seriously ill.

“Why didn’t you stop me,” I ask Mothman

“Because nobody took either of us seriously. Now they will,” he replied in a cold tone I had never heard from him before.

Typically, Mothman is a comedic hero. He makes jokes and entertains as he does his heroics. Sometimes he’ll have a kid as a sidekick. He’s just as capable as other heroes but he’s seen facing gimmicky villains more than he is villains obsessed with some kind of terror. This is a different Mothman. I don’t know this guy. It’s almost as if he’s someone else entirely but it’s him. He drove up in the same Mothmobile wearing the same colorful Mothsuit. What changed him. It just doesn’t make sense. He let me kill hundreds, maybe even thousands of people. There will never be any bodies to bury. Their families will never have any peace. Their families will never know if this is how they died or if they vanished some other way.

To be Continued in Super Shorts
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