Dead Dining (Excerpt)

“Excuse me,” I say to get the waitress’ attention as she passes by, “could I have some more coffee when you come back this way, no rush.”

“That’s not a problem dear,” she says with a smile.

I always hated when I had to come to the south for missions but it actually turns out that it was a great place to retire. I’ve been down here for about six months. Just traveling from town to town keeping a low profile. After all those years of fighting crime, I finally get a chance to relax. If a villain didn’t kill me, the exhaustion would have. I’ll miss my dog but that’s about it. She’ll probably wonder why I never came back to get her but I left her in good care. I can’t really travel the world with a dog. Doing it solo is hard enough and not everywhere loves dogs. This is actually the life.

“Here’s your coffee hun, I’ve also got your waffles, sausage, eggs, and French toast,” the waitress jokes sitting down a huge tray in front of me. “You had an appetite, didn’t you? Can a small guy like you handle all this?”

“I might ask for seconds, but if not, you can help me eat,” I say jokingly.

All those years of being a hero meant I was on a strict diet. I had to be. Spandex isn’t the most flattering material and I was constantly in the public eye. Being a hero had perks for sure, but at the end of the day it was just a job like any other. Somehow it managed to be the best and the worst job I ever had all at once.

Damn these are great waffles. I mean really great. I like pancakes, I love pancakes but if I’m pigging out, it’s waffles. I just love the way the syrup pools in the little pockets. God, I’m probably driving head first into a mouth full of cavities. It is so worth it. I don’t care for the powdered sugar but the syrup. The syrup is so good. I missed it so much when I was a hero. Too much sugar, bad for my diet. Well screw my diet. No fuck my diet. Working swearing back into my vocabulary has been fun. I probably seem really weird but it oddly gives me a rush. Something else I couldn’t do. I do not miss all the rules.

Do I miss it? Sometimes. I still do good deeds every now and the just to feel like I’m not completely selfish for giving it up. The thing is, it just took me a long time to realize it’s my life and I have to decide my own path. I let too many people tell me how to be for a long time. Now, I won’t let anyone tell me anything about how I’m living my life. I’m sure I’ll get bored later but for now I’m happy. I’ve finally got time to myself. Real time alone with no schedules no need to keep my identity a secret. That’s the best part, because my identity stayed secret, I just get to keep living as me. The only one who knew my real identity is Scarlet Grasshopper, and she’s not telling anyone from the grave.

To be Continued in Super Shorts
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