Video Doesn't Lie

"You know I'm going to walk in an hour," Gabriel laughed.

"Not this time, I'm going to nail your ass to the wall. We got a witness this time," Detective Hernandez smiled.

"So, you've had a lot of witnesses but they always refuse to testify. I wonder why. Must be tough on you," he mocked the detective.

"Maybe, but camera's don't lie and they can't be bribed either. Think about that one while I go take a piss," Hernandez walked out the room with a swagger he hadn't had in the last six years.

He finally got his man. A proverbial nail in the coffin. Gabriel was caught on camera firing the killing shot of his latest victim. Racketeering, drug running, extortion, if you could think of it Gabriel had done it. He had beat every sing case. The police had been trying to pin something on him for the almost a decade at this point. Despite that he still maneuvered to become the head of the largest crime family in the city.

Hernandez was nearing retirement and Gabriel was his white whale. He was always chasing after him, just barely letting him slip away. But this time, he had him. That was the victory he wanted to give the department as his parting gift. He needed to show these young kids that doing thing the right way would pay off in the end.

"Hernandez, what trumped up charges have you brought my client in on today," Lacy, the loyal lawyer of Gabriel asked.

"Manslaughter, but I made sure it got bumped up to murder since we had footage. See you in court," Hernandez said laughing in her face.

He was not usually a rude man, but she had gotten under his skin more than once. Bringing up his divorce in court, his time in Alcoholics Anonymous. Today he could laugh in her face without regret. They had him and there was nothing they could do to get the tape thrown out in court. It was a wrap.

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