"This is a stick up, put your hands up," a man with a pair of stockings dangling from his head yells.

"Ha, okay sure Mr. Robber," the store clerk responds.

"I'm serious, give me the money," the would-be crook yells again.

"Sure, here you go," the clerk gives up the money.

The thief takes a handful of brightly colored money and takes off running from the store. Bang, the gun goes off and the store clerk falls to the ground, grabbing at all the merchandise as he falls, afraid of hitting the ground. The crook looks back admiring his handy work with a smile. While looking back he slams into a wall head first and falls backwards.

"James what are you doing with my stockings on your head," the wall asks.

"We're playing cops and robbers Mom," the crook says removing the stockings from his head.

"Well there aren't going to be any cops when you've shot your brother and he's lying on the floor screaming that he's dying," the mother responds.

"No, I'm already dead," the store clerk responds.

"You boys clean up and get ready for dinner," the mother ushers them to clean the living room.

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