Morning After

Last night was an eternal night, or so it seemed. We hadn't seen natural light in I don't know how long. Ash covered the skys. We lost electricity after the bomb. We lost everything really. We lost family. We lost friends. We lost the the things that meant most to us.

Groups started forming and soon a lot of those groups turned to gangs. It was the only way to survive. At first it seemed as if talking would work but it didn't matter. Soon violence was the only option for survival.

I joined a gang. I didn't have any other option. It was just me. Soon I had taken a life. I never thought that was something I would do. At first it bothered me a lot, then not so much. I'd lie if I said it didn't pop into my head occasionally even now. That all seems so long ago. 

We haven't set up a territory like most gangs. We kept moving north, or what we think is north anywhere. Searching for an end of the smoke and destruction. I was starting to think the whole world had been leveled and gone mad.

Then it happened we made it out of the smoke. At first I thought we just found a small pocket where the smoke was lighter, but they were clouds. It was a cloudy night. We had made it out. I wasn't sure until this morning. Warm light hit our faces. Morning, it seemed as if it would never come but when the sun brightened the sky I knew it.

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