How Are You Doing

"Hey, long time no see. How have you been man?"

"I'm doing good how are you?"

"I'm fucked up," is what the man wanted to respond. He wanted to responded with honesty. When the question is asked everyone knows the answer is always good or alright. Even if you aren't, those were the only acceptable answers. But something snapped in this man's mind today. He pondered what would happen if he told the truth. How would the world handle it?

The truth is he was fucked up. He was supporting Four other adults who would not give him money to help with the bills despite living in his home rent free. There was a woman claiming to be the mother of his child but refusing a DNA test. He was unappreciated by his job that refused to give him the time off he had earned, but would constantly tell him he needed to take more time off, as his days were quickly accumulating. He had started parking his car blocks away from his home as it was out for repossession. Nobody asked how he was feeling as he was supposed to simply be okay as always. His relationships was falling apart at the speed of light and all of the personal progress he had made in years past, had been quickly wiped away due to self destructive tendencies. He was indeed fucked up.

There were so many things he wanted to get off his chest at that moment. It felt like he was weighed down by a cement block. All he wanted was the relief of telling someone these issues, he didn't even need solutions. He just needed to tell someone, but who would he tell? Everyone looked to hm as the shoulder to cry on but there was no shoulder for him to cry on. This could be his moment, he'd force this shoulder to be his pillow to cry on.

"I'm good," he replied, choosing to stick with the lie. For him, maintaining the status quo was more important than whatever he was going through. He had become complacent in life.

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