Get Up

"Get up," Mike is still yelling at me to stand.

"I'm not doing this anymore," I state my intentions clearly.

"Stop acting like a bitch. I told you if I'm going to teach you to fight, I wasn't going to go easy on you just because we're friends. Inside this cage, I'm not your friend. I'm also not letting you out of this cage until you hit me at least once," Mike won't be my friend when I get out of this cage either.

I asked him to teach me to fight after I got beat up during a robbery last week. Mike had a short MMA career, but never went pro due to a leg condition. He's been training people for the last six years. Some even went on to fight for big companies. But, I'm not someone who wants to fight for the thrill or the money. I just want to fight to survive. This isn't the training I needed. I regret asking him for help at this moment.

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