"I hate this fucking job so much," Autumn yells out in the parking lot.  Her hair wasn't naturally red but she dyed it that way. A dusty, aged red, like the leaves that would fall in autumn. Her name was Autumn after all. She felt she needed her body to fit her name. What she didn't know is that her personality was already like the fall. She was mostly cold and brought sadness to those around her. But occasionally she could radiate warmth and give people some of their best moments.

"You should just quit," Artemis yelled out. The girl didn't know her. She wanted to know her. She thought she was beautiful and never hesitated to make a move. Artemis was born to parents who loved mythology. They named her after Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. Like the goddess she was named after, Artemis never hesitated to take her shot, and she never missed.

"Who the fuck are you," Autumn responded with as much disrespect and boldness as she could muster.

"I'm Artemis, your ride out of here, if you really hated this job," Artemis responded with all the same disrespect, and an added smile for good measure.

Autumn didn't have a response. She had always been the center of her parents' universe. She was popular in school. This was her first job, this is the first time she wasn't in control. Now there was some random girl with bleach blonde hair in the parking lot telling her to quit her job. Bleach blonde hair in 2019 who the hell did she think she was? Autumn wanted to know who the hell she was. She didn't know why, but she knew she wanted to.

"And why would I quit my job? Just because you said so," Autumn responded, this time faking the anger that had left her body moments ago.

"Because you hate the job and want to go for a ride in my brother's pickup truck, it's a cool truck," Artemis responded with that same cocky smile, the confidence dripping from every word.

"Sorry, work is more important," Autumn turned to walk away. She wanted to Artemis to chase after her. She needed to prove she was still in control. Autumn needed to be in control of everything. That's why this job wasn't working out for her, she wasn't in control of anything. The manager told her how to stock the shelves, the customers didn't pick the clothes she recommended. She needed this to see that she was still the same Autumn who always led the way.

Autumn walked away expecting a quick response. When none came, she slowed her walk, she really wanted to go with Artemis, but she needed Artemis to know it was because Autumn chose to, not because Artemis had asked. She hears a car door shut and an engine roar to life. She looks back to see Artemis backing out in a lifted pickup truck, unfazed by her walking away.

"Wait," Autumn yells before rushing to get into the truck.

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