A Moment

I slam my foot to the floor, and the car comes to life. The engine revs and the world blurs as I fly down the street. There's nobody else on the road this time of night, so I don't have any fear of crashing, even if I can't really see what's coming in front of me. This was a moment I had been searching for.

The car shakes as I roll down the windows. At this speed the wind is enough to make things a little shaky. I don't care. I close my eyes and let go of the wheel for a moment I feel like the world is behind me. I scream out for joy not knowing what will happen. A car horn snaps me back to reality and I realized I've just blown through an intersection. I put my hands back on the wheel and slow down.

I can only laugh to myself about how stupid what I had just done was. Despite the risk it was the first time i felt alive in a long time. The first moment I felt like no one else was controlling me. I wanted to do it again but for now this was enough.

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