Numb Numb Juice

"So I told them broads, Julius Caesar is bigger than some salad, but I got all the ranch you want baby," Julius laughs at his own joke.

The women around him laugh through false smiles. He knows the women do not really care for him, still he does not care. He has their attention. As Emperor, he can have any woman he chooses, willingly. There is no person that can ignore his influence any longer. The laughs were not real, neither were his. His real name was indeed Julius, but he was no Caesar. He had simply named himself emperor of the gangs in an attempt to unify them.

Tonight there would be a meeting to determine if the gang would redistribute territory, percentages and several other minor issues.

"J can we talk," Lucius approached Julius ahead of the meeting.

"About what, and why you here so early," Julius responds with annoyance.

"Could we have some privacy ladies," Lucius asks ushering the women out.

"You got a lot of nerve, what do you want," Julius asks more annoyed.

"It's about my brother, he's still locked up but if we get the money we can have him home. He'll be a big help," Lucius pleads his case with grace.

"I don't give a fuck about your brother. I hope he has fun in there. Why you gonna interrupt my time for that nonsense," Julius cuts him off with a hand wave.

"Fuck did you say," Lucius asks in shock.

"You heard me, get the fuck out of here, and tell the girls come back in here."

"Okay, let's get it then," Lucius mumbles exiting the room.

Julius waits until the meeting is scheduled to begin before exiting the room. He walks out boasting as usual to a room of his smiling peers. Julius truly believes he has done well. Suddenly the smile is wiped from his face as he's stabbed in the neck by an unexpected assailant. These were his closest peers, how could they do something like this.

"Brutus, help me," he calls out to his best friend. Brutus turns his head as gun fire erupts, all targeting Julius. He falls to the ground gasping for breath and riddled with holes. Brutus stands above him, looking at the man who was once his best friend, a single tear sliding down his cheek as the others exit the room.

"You gonna cry about the shit now," Julius asks.

"It didn't have to be this way," Brutus responds.

"You did the shit. You too Brutus," Julius exclaims spitting out blood as his leg twitches.

Brutus fires his first and only shot, a mercy shot directly to the temple of Julius' head.

"We were never slaves man, we're all free now," Brutus whispers walking out of the room.