Cookie Dough

I can't see you in the spoon anymore. I used to see you in the spoon right behind me. You'd always sneak an extra scoop while I wasn't looking, but I saw it. We'd eat ice cream together any time of the year. Ever since you left, I've been eating my ice cream alone. This shit just isn't fair. I gave you my heart. I gave you everything I had. Despite that you left me here all alone.

I used to love cookie dough ice cream. It was my favorite; it was your favorite. I used to love the little chewy bits of dough. Now I hate the taste. Cookie dough is salty, that doesn’t make good ice cream. I don’t even know what my favorite flavor of ice cream is anymore. You made me hate fucking ice cream.

I guess it’s good you finally showed me the real you. I remember the first time I caught you on the roof of the school. You were up there alone, smoking a blunt and watching anime. I thought you were weird but, I knew I had to have you in my life from that point on. We had some crazy nights. Some of them are still highlights in my life.

I guess the problem is I tried to carry the relationship with just my love. I knew you slept with other people. I didn’t care. I took you back every time and every time you’d lose a little respect for me. Through it all I still loved you. I wanted to get married. All my friends told me it was dumb, but I still wanted to. Maybe it’s good that you left me, I could never have left you. I lost a little love for you every time you cheated, but I still love you. I hate you too. Cheesecake, that’s my favorite ice cream flavor. Maybe I should find someone who likes the ice cream I like.