Shadow Hunter

"Please let me go," I plead to my attacker. No sound comes from my mouth. I try to yell and I feel the pressure on my vocal cords, still no sound emerges from my pleas.

 Despite his face being partially covered by the shadows; I still don't know this man. I never did anything that deserves death. Still he hunts me. I've tried running, but he runs faster than I ever could. I've tried driving and he doesn't seem to follow. But I see his shadow, stalking me down the road. It'll cross in front of me, I'll slam my foot on the gas trying to kill it. Instead it vanishes. It's like I'm running from a spirit not a man.

Has the Angel of Death come to me? Is it the Angel of Death coming to drag me into the pit of despair? An evil spirit coming to torture me until I take my life or it breaks my soul. I don't know how the angel and demon thing works. But I know I see this man everywhere I go.

In front of me he inches closer, still hidden behind the shadows. The cold barrel of the gun presses against the center of my head. I take a deep breath and close my eyes. I accept my fate and it seems like ages before it finally comes for me. I don't hear the gun. A bright flash illuminates my world even with my eyes close. I don't feel any pain.

I take a deep breath and awake in my bed again. Staring at the ceiling I feel the wetness on my head. I wipe the cold sweat from my face before rolling from the bed. I walk to the kitchen and grab a glass of water. I stare out into the darkness of my backyard and the shadow man stares back at me. Dressed the same as me this time. I can't see his face but I feel his crooked smile. Slowly he pulls another gun and fires three shots. Again, a white flash and no sound.

Once again, I awake in my bead. I mirror the movements before, wiping the cold sweat from my face. "Fuck," I mutter, finally hearing a sound. I'm awake for real this time.