Personal Space

"Hey yo Mike, we wanna chat," I hear called from across the park.

I turn to spot Detective Denzel Hardass. I didn't even do anything this time and they took his badge. I don't have to run. There's nothing he can do to me. I'm just going to sit right on this bench and mind my own business. I'm not even going to look at him. Shit, he saw me looking at him. Please don't walk over here. Don't walk over here. Shit, he's walking over here.

If I stare into space, I won't have to acknowledge him. He comes and stands directly in front of me, hands on his hips like some 80s detective. He's just trying to intimidate me. He wants to make me feel like he has all the power. But he doesn't I have power too.

"Could you get your dick out of my face," I ask him. He stood right there so I'd be eye level with his dick. What is wrong with this guy? Always trying to get under everyone's skin.

"My genitals aren't in your face. Besides, if they were, it wouldn't be the first time you had a man's genitals in your face," he says in a childish tone. I'm not letting him get to me.

"This is the first time I've had a man's dick in my face and you're being very hom...homio...homiophobic and you're doing the sexual harassing. Let me enjoy the day please."

"The word is homophobic."

"Whatever, I'm tired of looking at your johnson."

He takes a seat on the bench next to me and places an arm around my shoulder. I hate this guy. One second he's insulting you and the next he's pretending to be your best friend.

"I need to know what you know about this new fellow calling himself Big Boss," he asks in a much friendlier tone.

"Is this a joke? You know I'm out the game. I've gone straight for real. I run a legitimate business," it's the honest truth, not just my truth.

"You do, I'm proud of you. But you still have illegal cable and purchase stolen goods. I'd hate to turn over your suppliers to the police with you as an informant," he grips my shoulder hard with his hand implying a threat.

"Okay, just relax. I don't know much, heard he started at the docks and still hangs out there."

"Thanks for the help and next time try to keep your eyes on me and not the jewels. We're going to be great friends."

"I'm not one of your snitches."

"Bullshit," he says followed by a boisterous laugh.

Part 2