Enough For Today

"Don't tell me you're about to get signed," he yells at her furiously in a crowded restaurant. He doesn't care who is listening anymore. Previously they spoke in hushed whispers. It was obvious he had planned to break up with her from the moment he walked in. The air surrounding him was anxious and he wanted a hard drink at three in the afternoon. When she walked in the color drained from his face.

They're complete opposites. He's dressed in business casual looking like he's just here for a lunch break from some white color job. On the other hand, she is completely out of his league. Well dressed in a beautiful cocktail dress more suited for a fancy ball. A matching purse and shoes that had to cost a pretty penny. She walks with a level of confidence that draws attention to her.

"Calm down, you're making a scene," she says, almost uninterested in what the man has to say.

"I always knew you loved to show off but this is too much," he continues.

"Look, when I get signed, I'll put out an album and pay you back ten fold," she says as if she believes it.

"Blah blah blah that's how you sound right now. You'll never pay me back. you can drop the fake facade like you're some star. You're just a nobody like the rest of us," he says taking a seat.

"Well can I just say something," she starts almost shocked by his boldness here.

"No, that's enough for today," he says standing back up and walking away this time.

She sits there still confused by the whole thing. She doesn't realize what just happened and seems to be looking around as if this is all part of some kind of joke. This has never happened to her before and for the first time she feels unsure as if she really loved this man. He's the first to stand up to her and not just do whatever she said.

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