The Rocket-Ship

3...2...1 no one shouts blast off. The rocket slowly gains speed bursting through the atmosphere. A part drops off. I don't know the name of it. None of us normal people do. Soon it'll reach space and head for Earth. The long since forgotten home world. We lost contact with them years ago. The technology for the rocket had to be forged from what we knew. New materials had to be created.

Those who came here with the first ship from Earth are now too old to go. Instead we sent some of our best and brightest. Their main goal is reestablishing contact with Earth. We've been self sufficient for a years now. We don't need more resources or food for them. Many of our elders have family there. They just want to know they are alright.

The rest of us are waiting on the results. If this trip works we can open an entire galaxy for space travel. This trip shouldn't take more than a few days. If they succeed this changes everything.
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