The tiger is the true king of the jungle. Every tiger knows this. It is why they don't need to work in packs to survive. Tigers are smarter than lions. Better in every way. This tiger believed that an deep down so did every tiger. That's why he was unfazed watching a pack of lions fail to take down a great kudu. They quickly tired out as their ambush failed. They had no idea when to pounce.

This tiger watched and waited. Tired the kudu returned to their watering hole, drinking steadily. The tiger waited until they had their bellies full of water. Resting peacefully they knew they had survived another day. That would not be the case.

Slowly he slid into position trapping them. The only way to run would be past him. Giving him a free shot at them. Slowly he creeps into view. Soon one notices then another. It only takes a few to run before the heard runs. Rushing in at a 90 degree angle the tiger slams his teeth into the neck of one of the kudu.

It falls to the ground unable to stand the sudden force. The tiger grips it's neck tighter. Slowly the kudu stops struggling. Others look on and attempt to intervene but a few mild swipes keep them at their distance. It was good to be king.
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