"Daddy why do people drive on parkways but park on driveways," the boy asked from the back seat.

"Because drive ways aren't big enough to drive in," the dad replies.

A few moments pass, "Daddy, I can't see my eyes, can you see your eyes?"

"Nope, we can't see our eyes because we're seeing with our eyes."

"That makes sense," the little boy says nodding his head.

The question and answer session continues. Each question more absurd than the last. He was an inquisitive boy. These storms of questions were nothing new. They could be draining but the father knew the ropes. He just had to get home and soon he'd be distracted by all the toys. The questions would end, at least for today.

"Daddy, can I ask one more question?" the boy asks, sensing he's reaching the end of his father's rope.

"Sure, kiddo, ask away," the father smiles, knowing home is only two turns away.

"Why does mommy call the mail man daddy too? Is that her daddy?"
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