Why I Love You

“You broke my heart, I want you to know that,” Gabriel said staring down at his meal.

He wasn’t talking to his food, we all knew that. We just didn’t know who he was talking to. Someone had been skimming off the top of the product. Taking their cut but before Mack got his. I know it isn’t me he’s talking to. I don’t even touch the stuff. My dealings are all laundering. But somebody at this table has pissed off Gabriel, and he’s been in a foul mood lately.

Gabriel pulls a gun from beneath the table and starts to walk around. Placing it on the back of each person’s head as he walks. I feel the cold steel against my scalp and I take a deep breath. I know I’m innocent but Gabriel isn’t exactly the most rational person. It wouldn’t be the first bad turn he’s taken lately either. He moves on after pausing and I breathe a sigh of relief. It might be time to get out the game.

“I loved you like a brother. We’ve been together for so long and you’re doing this to me. I could have given you anything you asked me for, instead you steal from me,” he continues around the table.

“I can’t take this shit anymore,” his right-hand man Michael stands up attempting to exit the room.

As quick as he stands Gabriel shoots him until the trigger returns nothing but emptiness. Michael had been with Gabriel from the start, this was unfathomable. For a moment I see a tear form in Gabriel’s eye before he takes a seat to continue the meeting. As if none of this had happened.


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