Under City Lights

It's so cold. I can't believe they forgot me at the party. Campus has to be like a mile from here. They're such assholes. Why do I hang out with those people? I have to stop doing this to myself. I wish I had worn a thicker jacket. I just didn't know I would be walking through the streets at three in the morning.

Snow flakes started falling a few moments ago. In the quiet hours with no one on the road the city looks amazing. The architecture of these buildings was created to be timeless while maintaining decorative elements. I guess you just never notice these things when it's full of people. College towns are always designed to look older than they are. Something about giving off that distinguished feeling. There's not really one specific style. Everything back home looks the same.

I should snap a few pictures. I could use it as inspiration for the contest to design the new rec center. Submissions are due by Wednesday and I haven't started yet. Just kind of lacking inspiration. I just feel like I should be somewhere besides Wyoming. Yeah, I left home but I'm only a few hours away. I need to go somewhere like California if I really want to learn. Learning from people here that never made it just won't cut it if I'm ever going to be taken seriously.

Maybe I can apply for a few schools over the winter break and transfer for the fall semester. Mom won't be happy I'm going so far away but she'll understand eventually. My grades are pretty good so there shouldn't be any issue. I just hope my credits transfer.

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