The woman packs her bags. Done forever. This time she has no intentions of coming back. Her mother says she should stay. He's never put a hand on her. Always brings her the finest gifts. She's seen the money he really makes so she knows it isn't all coming home. He cheats. He said he would stop. He didn't. She refuses to be trapped in the same cycle as her mother. Letting a man cheat because he brings her nice gifts. Tonight, she breaks the cycle.

He sits on the bed contemplating. He doesn't want to change anything. This is the relationship that works for him. He was never really sure if he loved her. Always wondering if there was someone better out there for him. He doesn't budge. Just staring out into the hallway as she packs behind him. Last time she caught him cheating, he said it would be the last time.

She always loved him. He doesn't like the champagne she likes. He doesn't like her friends or the same movies. But he always made her feel special, until he didn't. Maybe there was someone else out there for her. Someone better. Someone that would make her feels special and no other.

He wasn't sure if he loved her or not. Part of him did hate her. Every time he would look at her, he would see his own failures. He never finished college, but she did. She worked in the boardroom he once dreamed of working in. She had the happy put together family he wanted growing up. He loved to argue with her. Sometimes he would pick fights just to hear her yell at him. It would remind him he was a real person. This time she didn't yell. She just started packing.

"Don't leave," he says breaking the silence as she reaches the door.

"It's too late," she responds.

"I love you."

"Do you? What made you realize that?"

"I need you to stay."

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