Goblins, they're basically Dwarves that were corrupted. A lot thinner and a lot faster. They aren't as smart, corruption clouds the mind after all. The difference is the Dwarves fight with strategy. The Goblins however fight viciously and with numbers. They out bread the Dwarves 50 to 1, that's what made them dangerous.

We didn't expect one thousand Goblins to ride on our country's walls at once. We also didn't expect them to be riding giant spiders. No doubt courtesy of the Wood Elves. Goblins have no talent for breeding such fierce creatures. As to why they Goblins are attacking? I have no doubt it was the damned High Elves. So eager to wipe us dark elves from existence. No matter, we shall persevere once more.

We had plans to thwart invaders in place long ago. Many plans. Today, they shall be bathed in the flames of our hatred. These Goblins have no idea that they High Elves sent them to taste brimstone. Not another of our young will be harmed on this day. We await the kings signal to activate the runes. As the spiders near the wall, the sky turns dark. Our signal.

The Silent Six, our strongest mages who have taken a vow of silence activate their runes. The surrounding desert bursts into flames. The Goblins scream in agony to a blackened sky that carries no relief. They had no idea we possessed such magic. We are equals with the High Elves. No, we are superiors, we practice magic they don’t believe is elegant enough to be used. There is nothing they have accomplished that we can't or haven't already.

The flames burn until there are no more screams. The next phase of the spell is activated with each of their deaths. Their life force is captured by the runes. Goblins live short lives compared to their Dwarven brothers. Therefore, they live hard. Still, with a thousand or more perishing in this spot it is more than enough life force to fuel the next step.

As the fires extinguish the Six move to cast one last spell. With it, they set the walls of our country ablaze. An eternal fire protecting our lands fueled by the souls of our enemies. The High Elves have played their card all too soon. They will not wipe us from this world, instead they shall drown in its darkness. If the Wood Elves wish to continue helping them, they too shall burn in our might.


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