Battle of LA

The Acrid smell of burnt wood hung in the air, making her eyes water as she stumbled along the deserted sidewalk. She stumbled as she walked away from the battle waging behind her. She was out to get groceries tonight. She wanted to make a potato stew, the same way her mother had. None of this was in her wildest imagination.

Soldiers marched down the street, capturing those they deemed worth hostage. Eventually they ran head first into a group of protesters and the clash began small. She lost her groceries as she dodged a ball of flames. She had lived in every corner of LA throughout her life and had never seen anything like this. Armies clashing with civilians. People with super powers. It's almost as if she was in a comic book.

The concrete jungle had turned into a true jungle war zone. Trees and vines covered the city where there had been none. Boulders crashed through buildings. Yet all of these things burned. The fires wouldn't stop. There were no firefighters to put any flames out. Was this her new reality? A bad dream? She didn't know. She just wanted to make it home if she could.

Ice, she had never slipped on ice. When it happened she didn't know what it was at first but the slippery coldness gave her a clue. She rose to her feet. Attempting to walk, she could only hobble. Her ankle, she must have twisted it. A block is all she could make it. Sitting against a building, watching the mayhem was her only role in this.

A girl no older than 16, hair bright pink. Probably full of excitement for the world. Out there rushing into the action followed by dozens of men. Flames shooting forth from her hands like fiery little butterflies. The woman cries silent tears watching the madness unfold. A civilian knocked out cold by soldiers. Soldiers dropped from hundreds of feet in the air. It was chaos.

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