The Heist

Everyone leaves for work right on the clock at 6PM. Usually they head out for drinks or just head home for the weekend. I've spent the last three months telling everyone I'm working on a major project. I stay late and do nothing. There is no project, it's all part of my cover. I don't have any idea how cyber security works. I've never been an IT guy.

What I have been, is a thief and a man who can follow instructions. I played my role perfectly. Tonight, I've gotten the last piece of the code. Slowly the progress bar inches to the right. When it finally meets the edge, the mouse turns to an hour glass and turns a few times. "Transfer completed," the screen reads. Right click and eject the USB. I slide it into the compartment hidden in the bottom of my shoe and make my exit.

I reach the bottom floor and wave to Erica the security guard. Same as every night. A quick left once I'm outside the building. Cross the street and into the parking garage. Take the elevator to the third floor and have a seat in the back of the blue four door sedan. Same as every night. There's a process to all of this. A process is necessary to make sure anything goes well. You lay the groundwork, create an identity, a pattern and then you just stick with it. Eventually success comes.

The driver side door creaks open and the same bald man I've been meeting every weeknight has a seat. I pass him the USB and he slides it into a laptop, reviews the content and nods. He closes the laptop and trades briefcases with me. He now carries the one I brought, full of useless documents I printed today while looking busy. The one he brought, holds money, the last payment for my work. Small denominations, nothing bigger than a twenty. All untraceable. Thus, ends our partnership.

I exit the car and he drives off. If he needs me again, he knows how to find me. For now, we're done, I'm paid. He has his data. I love it when a plan comes together.